At Mouw Associates, Inc. we believe that clients come first and that every project deserves personalized construction management services within a professional environment.


Construction Management

Construction Management at Risk is a process that allows the owner or client to hire a CM before the design is complete. Through this business relationship Mouw Associates, Inc. can assist the owner and architect in all aspects of the project from the inception of the design. This helps to ensure the owner avoids any unnecessary costs, maintains schedule, and creates project collaboration through the team approach. This approach centralizes the responsibility of the construction under a single contract to deliver the project at or under a Guaranteed Maximum Price.
This process incorporates the preconstruction service as well as taking the project through the construction phase and final closeout. One of the many benefits of this relationship is the transparency amongst parties. All costs and fees are an open book policy and the final project costs and accounting is provided at the end of the project. The CM at risk helps keep projects within their target budget and creates a strong collaboration amongst owner, architect, construction manager, and subcontractors.
  • Best value to owner
  • Transparency is enhanced
  • Preliminary Budgets are achieved


Mouw Associates, Inc. will provide preconstruction services during the design phase of the project with regard to regional market knowledge of construction materials, placement methods and skilled trade considerations. Mouw Associates, Inc. will provide a variety of design document review and costing services necessary to support the design and construction efforts of the project team. We will play an important role in providing information that will maximize the ability of the project team to meet the owner’s functional, aesthetic, and budgetary needs in the least amount of construction time possible.
  • Employ skilled trade knowledge
  • Provide Design & Budgetary Estimates
  • Compare materials and building components
  • Preliminary Scheduling

Value Engineering

Mouw Associates, Inc. will provide Value engineering services throughout the design phase of the project. The Value engineering service that we provide is a systematic approach in comparing function versus cost. Value can either be increased through improving the material/good or reducing the cost. This process starts at the inception of the design and will continue until construction documents are issued. Value engineering spreadsheets will be delivered at three stages: Conceptual, Schematic, and Design Development Documents. The use of these spreadsheets will allow the owner, architect, and contractor to evaluate the function versus the costs and how it affects the overall budget. This process will involve all 16 CSI divisions of construction.
  • Cost to value Approach
  • Deliverable provided at 3 stages of the design
  • VE provided throughout the design


As part of Mouw Associates, Inc.’s commitment to technology and innovation we can offer Building Information Modeling as a tool for the construction of your next project. BIM provides contractors, architects, engineers and owners improved visualization of a building and its systems and how they relate through the use of virtual 3D modeling. This 3D modeling provides clash conflict detection, improves quality control, reduces field conflicts, and generates the field drawings for actual construction.
BIM projects are known for coming in ahead of schedule due to having to build the project twice, once on the computer and then finally in the field. Areas of a building that benefit from BIM include but are not limited to MEP systems above ceiling, Exterior Envelope components, Structural components, and Underground Infrastructure. Ask about BIM when considering your next project with Mouw Associates, Inc.
  • Clash/Conflict Detection
  • Shorter Duration Project
  • Fewer RFI’s in field

As President of Bethesda Healthcare Systems, Inc., I have been actively involved with Mouw Associates, Inc. during our growth period for the past 22 years. In that time period, Bethesda engaged Mouw to construct all of our expansion needs, from small additions, to major hospital expansions, to a brand new hospital, in total over 23 separate projects ranging from several hundred thousand dollars to our new 80 bed hospital costing over $100 million dollars.

Hospital construction is one of the most complicated and diverse type projects in the construction industry, as the contractor must construct sterile operating rooms, clinical laboratories, full food service kitchens, as well as administrative office space and decorative public spaces, all with complex mechanical and electrical systems and under the strictest life-safety codes in the industry. All of the projects were built on time, under budget and most importantly built to the quality standards we required. They have always demonstrated the ability to select quality subcontractors and maintain an excellent working relationship with them and their staff throughout the entire construction time frame. They were able to develop and maintain this relationship due to their expertise in managing the construction process in the most efficient and effective manner. They have really excelled in comparison to most other contractors I have observed in my 40 years of hospital administration.

Finally and most importantly Bethesda continues to do business with Mouw Associates, Inc. because of their honesty and integrity. From the owners to the front line construction workers onsite, they have been a pleasure to work with and I know they have their client’s concerns and interest as paramount in their day to day work. Therefore, I am pleased to be able to highly recommend Mouw Associates, Inc. as a contractor/construction manager for any type of project, regardless of complexity or size.

Robert B. Hill, President & CEO – Bethesda Memorial Hospital

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