As a luxury homeowner, you have a vision of how the home of your dreams will look and feel, so we personalize our construction management and building services to bring your vision to reality.

Our Home Construction Process


Mouw Associates Luxury Home Building Project Team works alongside your professional design team of Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers to provide personalized preconstruction services during the design phase of the project. With regard to our regional construction market, our specialized knowledge of construction materials, equipment resources, placement methods and skilled trade considerations are vital to realizing a successful project completion. Involving Mouw Associates during the preconstruction phase is critical to the outcome of your luxury home construction project.
Mouw Associates, Inc. provides a variety of design document review and costing services necessary to support the design and construction efforts of the project team. Our preconstruction services play an important role in providing information that will maximize the ability of the project team to meet your functional, aesthetic, and budgetary needs with the most efficient construction schedule. Our goal is to get you into your luxury dream home as quickly as possible with the highest quality of workmanship.
  • Employ skilled trade knowledge
  • Provide Design & Budgetary Estimates
  • Compare materials and building components
  • Preliminary Scheduling

Value Engineering

We understand this is YOUR luxury dream home, but if there’s a more efficient way to get the results you want, we utilize our specialized building knowledge and experience to bring your project in budget.
Mouw Associates, Inc. will provide Value Engineering services throughout the design phase of the project. Our value engineering service utilizes a systematic approach in comparing function versus cost. Value can either be increased through improving the material/good, modifying the construction method, reducing the cost of an element, or a combination of these.
This process starts at the inception of the design phase and will continue until construction documents are issued. Value engineering spreadsheets will be delivered at three stages: Conceptual, Schematic, and Design Development Documents. The use of these spreadsheets will allow the owner, architect, and contractor to evaluate the function versus the costs and how it affects the overall budget. This process will involve all 16 CSI divisions of construction to deliver improved results to you the owner.
  • Cost to value Approach
  • Deliverable provided at 3 stages of the design
  • VE provided throughout the design

Construction Management (CM) At-Risk

Building a luxury residential project is a very intricate and detailed. Having the construction team involved during the design phase can make a big difference in the project’s success. Construction Management At-Risk allows the property owner to hire a CM before the design is complete. Through this business relationship, Mouw Associates assists the owner and architect in all aspects of the project from the inception of the design. This ensures the owner avoids unnecessary costs, maintains schedule, and creates project collaboration through a team approach.

One of the many benefits of this relationship is the transparency amongst parties. All costs and fees are part of an open book policy and the final project costs and accounting is provided at the end of the project. Utilizing construction management at-risk centralizes the responsibility of the construction under a single contract to deliver the project at or under a Guaranteed Maximum Price.
This process includes the preconstruction services and is also responsible for the project through the construction phase and final closeout. The CM at risk model helps keep projects within their target budget and creates a strong collaboration amongst owner, architect, construction manager, and subcontractors.
  • Best value to owner
  • Transparency is enhanced
  • Preliminary Budgets are achieved
It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I recommend Mouw Associates, Inc. for their fine work as general contractors. In working with the firm throughout our entire 40 plus years, we can without hesitation recommend them for any construction project. Integrity, workmanship and timely construction are hallmarks of the Mouw team. It was why, as a State Director for the Florida American Institute of Architects, I recommended them for Contractor of the Year, which the Board then heartily endorsed.
Any owner would be well served by hiring this fine firm and have my full confidence in recommending them.
Robert G. Currie, FAIA

Luxury Home Construction Excellence in South Florida